Check out our team apparel below!

Our team gear is organized by Universal Lacrosse.  They periodically put together a great assortment of apparel for our athletes.  Our team stores open at different times of throughout the year.  Please check out the details below for information on team apparel and equipment.  

For access to all of the Universal Lacrosse equipment and gear click below!


This is a sample of what our team store has to offer.  The Spring store will open in late January and close before the start of the season in March.  Click below to access the store.  Gear will be picked up and distributed by Coach Perkalis.

Team Store 2021.png

TEam HelMets

All players will be provided with a helmet by the school in season.  Players may also elect to purchase their own.  They may choose a Cascade CPX-R, R, or S.  The customization options are listed below.  The helmets can be customized and purchased through Universal Lacrosse!

Shell:  Maroon

Mask:  Black

Chin:  Athletic Gold

Visor:  Athletic Gold

Strap:  Athletic Gold